How to Calculate Per Capita?


Per capita is an economic indicator. Per capita means for each person. To calculate it therefore, you divide the total income of a population with the number of people.
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How to Calculate Per Capita
The term "per capita" is from the Latin phrase meaning "by head". It is a figure that expresses an average of a particular datum for each person in the population being measured. It is useful in assessing the significance of a particular number in a... More »
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1. Determine the size of the population you are measuring. This is the total number of people in your group, whether it is residents in a town, employees in a business or other group
Per Capita GDP is the approximate value of goods produced per person in the country, equal to the country's GDP, divided by the total number of people in the country.
i thin u take the gdp and divide it by the population to obtain gdp per capita or as we say what each person has or owns.
The calculation of GDP per capita is; GDP= consumption + gross investment +
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A person can easily calculate per capita consumption by determining the private/government consumption. The U.S. population also needs to be determined. ...
To calculate per capita GDP, divide the amount of GDP by the number in a population. This will show you the GDP per capita, which is $46,443 as of 2009 in the ...
1. To calculate per capita income, you must first know the Total Personal Income and the Population for the area in which you want to determine Per Capita Income ...
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