How to Calculate Per Capita?


Per capita is an economic indicator. Per capita means for each person. To calculate it therefore, you divide the total income of a population with the number of people.
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1. Determine the size of the population you are measuring. This is the total number of people in your group, whether it is residents in a town, employees in a business or other group
I think you should divide total GDP of the country to the population of that country. GDP is given in Billions and population is given in Millions. Divide GDP by Population, then
The calculation of GDP per capita is; GDP= consumption + gross investment +
Gross domestic product reflects the country's official income and measures the overall output of the economy. The gross domestic income is another term for GDP. It sh
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How to Calculate Per Capita
The term "per capita" is from the Latin phrase meaning "by head". It is a figure that expresses an average of a particular datum for each person in the population being measured. It is useful in assessing the significance of a particular number in a... More »
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Per capita income is more commonly the average income of a single person of a country. This figure is done using a very easy math equation, and is only an estimate ...
To calculate real GDP per capita, use the formula, real GDP divided by the population. Real GDP is a measurement of macroeconomy. It is related to inflation and ...
Per capita consumption refers to the average consumption per person within a population. While this information can be helpful for determining how much a population ...
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