How to Calculate Percentage of Weight Loss?


In order to calculate the percentage of weight loss, record the starting weight. Then after about six to eight weeks, weigh in again. Subtract the new weight from the starting weight and that answer will tell what the total pounds lost are. Then take the total pounds lost and divide that number into the beginning weight again and that will tell the percentage of weight lost.
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1. Write down your beginning weight and your current weight on paper. 2. Subtract your current weight from your starting weight. This difference is the total number of pounds you
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Take the start weight, subtract the current
1. Origina l Mass minus Curren t Mass = Mass loss 2. Now divide your answer by your Original Mass, and then multiply by 100(%) Example: 145 lbs - 130 lbs = 15 lbs, divide (15/ 145
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How to Set a Weight Loss Percentage Calculator
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