How to Calculate PH from Molarity?


It's not to difficult to figure out the ph of a substance from it's molarity. There is a simple equation that you can use to do just this. Click here for more help
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1. Examine the parameters of the problem you wish to solve. For instance, imagine that you want to know the molality of a 0.5 Molar solution of salt water. The salt is the solute;
how to calculate molarity from ph: Refer this link molarity from ph
When HCl is added to water it immediately ionizes into H^aq) and Cl^aq) ions. Surely you have been given the equation to calculate pH from molarity. pH = -log[H^ In this problem [
pH = -log. 10. [H. you need to know the number of moles of hydrogen ions in your sulphuric acid. for example if you have a 0.25M solution of sulphuric acid, you will have 0.5moles
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In order for you to calculate pH from molarity, you will need to understand two significant equations: pOH = -log10[OH-] and pH + pOH = 14. For more information look here:;
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