How do you calculate projected sales?


Projected sales is the amount a business expects to sell during a certain amount of time. These sales may go up around holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Fourth of July. Projected sales is calculated by looking at previous year's sales at that particular time.
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1. Use whatever estimating technique the company prefers to use to estimate how much sales will rise or fall. There are numerous ways to make this estimate, such as looking at the
Sales tax is different in almost every state, but to calculate tax on a purchase you simply take the full purchase price and multiply it by the amount of tax in your area.
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1. Determine the amount of gross sales your business made during the time period for which you wish to calculate the net credit sales. Typical time periods are one month, one quarter
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How to Calculate Projected Sales
Projected sales figures are used on a pro forma income statement. They show how much a company thinks it will make in an upcoming time period, usually a month or a year. Management bases projected sales on prior results and expectations of the future.... More »
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To calculate your projected sales, multiply the number of sales you expect per day by the number of business days per year. If your interested in your profit, multiply the rate of profit by the above number.
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