How do you calculate PSI?


There are a couple of different ways to calculate psi, or pounds per square inch. One of these ways is based on weight and area of an item. Click here for more info
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a) 25psig - 0.5 x 20ft = 15 psig. b) 25psig +14.7 = 39.7 psia. c) 14.7 + 0.5 x 20ft = 24.7 psia. d) 25psig + 14.7 + 0.5 x 20ft = 49.7psia. The above all assume that the pressure gauge
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How to Calculate PSI
Pounds per square inch (psi) is a unit of pressure most commonly associated with tire pressure for an automobile or bike tire. However, because pressure gauges are attached to most tire pumps, there's often very little need to calculate psi in this... More »
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The proper formula for PSI is PSI= F/A. The conversion factor for converting anything to PSI is to multiply the unit measurement by 0.5.
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