How to Calculate Rainfall?


There can be various reasons one may want to calculate rainfall around a home. Some people choose to harvest rainwater in order to use this natural water for gardening. Many people will harvest rainwater from a roof and first the area of the roof should be determined. Once that is done, measure the rainwater in inches. Know that an inch of rainfall on a square foot typically equals .623 gallons. Multiply that by the complete square footage already determined and the total rainfall you can harvest will be calculated.
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1. Set a rain gauge or a can such as a coffee can outside your home. Leave any top off of the unit so that the inside is exposed. Make sure nothing like a tree or the overhang of
using an instrument by the name "RAIN GAUGE" !
The standard raingauge is 203mm in diameter (8" in the old measure) This is the exact diameter of the top of a funnel. Water falling in the funnel runs down into the bucket below
Hi Dawn There are two ways: If the bucket has straight vertical walls, all you need to do is put a ruler in the bucket and that will give you a correct measurement. If the bucket
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1. Copy the positions of the weather stations onto the grid paper, along with the edges of the area whose rainfall you are calculating. 2. Draw dotted lines connecting ...
1. Load the C+ IDE and start a new project. This will create a blank source-code file in the main window. 2. Create a main function. The program will reside within ...
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