How to Calculate Rainfall Intensity?


Measuring rainfall intensity can be one tough job. Rainfall intensity can be measured in millimetres per hour, over a given duration. Because of the heaviest rainfall deluges are likely to be experienced for a short period, most rainfall intensity measurements use a five minute duration.
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An essential part of calculating the average rainfall is the use of a rain gauge. Rain gauges are thin, cylindrical tubes with measurement marks along the side. When rain falls, a
using an instrument by the name "RAIN GAUGE" !
It depends on what you are trying to do. The only thing you can do with an annual rainfall is compute the annual rainfall rate, which won't be very useful. So if 48" of rain
The standard raingauge is 203mm in diameter (8" in the old measure) This is the exact diameter of the top of a funnel. Water falling in the funnel runs down into the bucket below
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