How to Calculate Ratios?


To calculate the ratio of two things compared to one another, you divide the first quantity by the second quantity and that number will be your ratio.
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How to Calculate Ratios
A ratio is a proportion of one quantity to another or a group of items to one another. It is a constant that holds true unless the quantities involved change. Ratios are written with a colon, such as 2:1, which is read as 2 to 1. An example follows... More »
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When learning how to calculate gear ratios you can either use or tech ratio calculator online or use the gear ratio formula. This formula is Gear Ratio = RPM X Tire Diameter (inches
1. The Current Ratio (or Working Capital) is the ratio of current assets to current liabilities. Working capital is a company's biggest safety net against financial disaster.Current
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1. Compile your bank's accounting data. Included should be a list of all deposits and the Federally determined required reserve ratio. This number is zero for the smallest banks and
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When you calculate a ratio, you are simply comparing two amounts and expressing the relationship between the two as a number. For example, if you want to express ...
Ratios are used to compare two things. So if you have ten people and 4 are men and 6 are women then the ratio of men to women is 4:6 or 4/6 or written 4 to 6. ...
In order to calculate ratios you first have to identify which number is to be the first then write the first number above the line that divides the two numbers ...
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