How do you calculate RPM?


Dividing one by time taken per revolution gives revs per second then multiply it by 60 to get the rpm. That is consider if one revolution takes 10mS that is 0.01 secs then divide 60 by 0.01 which gives 6000 rpm.
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1. Measure or identify how fast a circular object rotates in linear speed. For example, if a car drives forward with a speed of 50 mph, then a given point on the edge of one of the
Plug your numbers into this equation (i'm not sure if it will work, but it makes sense. Let. r = RPM c = Circumference (in whatever unit of measurement you want) d = Distance (in
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How to Calculate RPM
You can calculate the revolutions per minute (rpm) of a circular object if you know its radius and how far it travels in a straight line in a given period of time. You may need to do some unit converting, for instance between miles per hour (mph) and... More »
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RPM is an expression of rotational velocity. It is the number of revolutions a rotating object makes on its own axis in one minute. RPM is used to calculate horsepower, linear velocity, gear ratios, and tangential velocity. The formula for roller rpm = Distance / Circumference.
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