How to Calculate Square Miles?


To calculate square miles, simply measure the length of a piece of land in miles and the width of a piece of land in miles. Multiply these two numbers and you'll know the square miles. If the land in question looks less like the shape of Wyoming than, say, West Virginia, you may need to measure smaller sections and add the square mileage.
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1. Measure the length and width of the area you wish to calculate. The more precise way to do this is hiring a surveyor to create a detailed schematic for you. However, you also can
Knowing how to calculate square footage will come in handy when it comes time to estimate materials for that next do-it-yourself job. You'll save time, money and extra trips to the
What is the shape of the area? for a rectangle multiply the length in miles by the width in miles.
1. Find the length of one side of the square. To calculate the diagonal of a square from the lengths of one of its sides, you'll need to start with this crucial piece of information
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How to Calculate Square Miles
Large expanses of land, such as states and national forests, and large bodies of water, are often described in square miles. At other times, they are described in acres. Surveyors often give the dimensions of plots of land in feet, from which you can... More »
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Square miles is found by measuring an area in one direction in miles and the other direction in miles and then you multiply those two numbers together.
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