How to Calculate a Stock Split Basis.?


1. Find out the original basis of your stock purchase. If you still have the original confirmation statement, it will be on there. You will need both the date and the purchase price minus any commission paid. This dollar amount is your cost basis for
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Stock splits are a great thing for investors and shareholders of the stock. When the price of a stock gets too high it is more difficult for people to purchase it. Companies will
You have been asking many questions about stocks, dividends etc on the forum. I really do suggest that you try and do your homework assignments, because they are there to help you
In a reverse stock split, a certain number of shares of stock are consolidated into a smaller number of shares. The price of each share is then raised proportionally. For example,
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You can calculate a stock split in either of two ways. If the split is a 2:1 split, you will receive two shares for each one share you now own. The value will ...
1. Total the number of stocks you own in the company. The reverse split trades a specific number of stocks for a smaller number worth more. As mentioned before ...
A stock split will usually occur when a stock's price is too high. The company will decide that the stock price is not afforadable for the average investor so ...
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