How do I calculate a cross-sectional area?


To calculate a cross sectional area, you apply the same formula as for calculating the area of two-dimensional surfaces. The choice of formula depends on the shape. To find the area, you need a formula and relevant measurements. For example, to find the cross-sectional area of a box, the area is equal to (length X width). For formulae on area, visit:
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1. Identify the axis of symmetry. For many applications, this will be the longest axis or the longitudinal axis. 2. Identify the shape projected onto a plane that passes through the
If I am correctly understanding the question. You are simply looking for the area of a circle or pi * R^2 or pi/4 * D^2. - The formula above is correct for the planar cross section
First measure across a circle to find its diameter. Half of the diameter is equal to the radius. The area of a circle is equal to 1/2 x pi (˜ 3.14) x radius squared.
You could integrate the resistance of thin-slices of the object: This is essentially a combination of the fact that series resistances add and the formula for the resistance of an
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How to Calculate Cross Section Area
Slice through any three-dimensional object and you produce a two-dimensional, internal view of the object. When slicing or sectioning at exactly 90 degrees to the primary axis of the object, a cross section is created. Cross sections of symmetrical... More »
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You will need to measure and write down all areas of a tube/cylinder to calculate the cross sectional area. Once you have obtained the information, there are online ...
The cross sectional area of a pipe is calculated as A = 0.785 di ^2 where A is the cross-sectional area of the pipe and di is the inside diameter. Other calculations ...
The cross sectional area of a wire can be calculated by multiplying the mathematical pie with the square of its radius. The radius of the wire can be determined ...
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