How to Calculate the Width of a Rectangle When Only Given the Perimeter?


The formula p=2L +2W is how you would find length or the width of a rectangle, however you would need the length of one of the other sides as well. If you knew the length and the perimeter, you would simply plug those values into the formula and solve to find the width.
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1. Double the length of the rectangle. For example, the length is 21. Multiplying 21 by 2 results in 42. 2. Subtract the doubled length from the perimeter. For this example, the perimeter
if you have the length of one side - plus the perimeter. Divide the perimeter by 2, then subtract the known side - this leaves you with the unknown dimension. For example. Say you
The two formulas needed are P =
You can't find the width and length from only the perimeter. 2W + 2L = 54. (W + L) = 27. They could be 26 and 1, or they could be 13 and 14, or they could be 12.345 and 14.655. Are
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According to my calculations, To find the perimeter of a rectangle you use Pythagorean theorem. A squared + B squared = C squared. Your C is the diagonal and your ...
If the perimeter of a rectangle is given using algebra, you will have to solve the equation to find the dimensions of the rectangle. You should solve for x (or ...
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