How to Calculate Tonnage?


If you want to estimate the volume of cargo space on your ship, you'll want to know the tonnage. A ship's tonnage is a function of its hull material, dimensions, and location of propulsion. Enter your information in the red boxes and read the tonnage in the top right of this calculator:
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How to Calculate Tonnage
Tonnage is the measure of the overall size of a ship. Tonnage is a function of the volume of all enclosed spaces of a ship from keel to funnel and does not refer to the ship weight. Particularly, the gross tonnage (GT) is the common metrics to estimate... More »
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In order to answer your question, we will need to know what type of tonnage you are trying to calculate. Are we calculating capacity of a cargo ship, tonnage of rock for a landscaping project, HVAC tonnage, tonnage for a stamping project, or even tonnage for plastics molding? For more information look here: Hole Punch Tonnage Calculator ;
Tonnage is calculated based on the volume of a ship's cargo hold. While the units for this measurement are called tons, they are not the same as the ton used to measure weight. You can find more info at:
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1. Use a tape measure to determine distances. Measure the length, width and depth in inches of the space you want to fill with asphalt. For example, you may have a driveway 150 inches
Tonnage of a ship is not necessarily the number of tons that the ship weighs. There are at least six different methods of rating ships; the most common are: Displacement tonnage-used
Well, First get the Dia of material in inches = A. Get the thickness of material in inches = B. Now, Multiplier for M.s is 80 & for soft material like copper, brass, alluminium
There is a regular FORMULA for computing tonnage. you won't find it here on Answers but you can try looking in BOWDITCH or do you mean Tonnage in AIR CONDITIONING? This is BOATS AND
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In order to use the easy calculation air conditioner (C) unit tonnage calculation tool, one must have specific information. That information includes the room ...
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Refrigeration tonnage is calculated by taking the cooling capacity of an air conditioner or a refrigerator of 12,000 BTU's times the number of hours required. ...
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