How to Calculate Torque?


Torque is used to help us in lifting objects everyday. Our body is constantly using torque when lift stuff as well as levers and pulleys. Torque is calcutlated by your forces times the distance to fulcrum. You can find more information at www. comfsm. fm/˜dleeling/physics/torque. html
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How to Calculate the Torque
Torque is defined as the amount of rotation an object experiences when a force is applied to that object. The object rotates on an axis, called the pivot point. The distance between the pivot point and the point where the force is applied is called the... More »
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You calculate torque by first converting all measurements into pounds and feet. You then measure the force by the distance which would be multiplying the feet by the pounds or vice versa. You then have the torque. I hope this helps!
To calculate torque, you will need what is called a torque meter. A torque meter is most commonly used in automotive work, to torque volts to a certain foot pounds per square inch.
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Torque can be calculated by equation T=F*r*sin theta) where F= force causing torque, r= length of force vector & theta is angle between them.
1. Calculate the length of the motor's lever arm from the data you have. The length should be expressed in feet, which may involve converting the units from meters. If necessary,
The question is put too simply to answer as put. Basically torque is the ability of a motor to pull a load.
If you're looking for a purely mathematical calculation based on the limit of the bolt to withstand rotational shearing force, you would need to determine two things. (1) The total
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1. Determine the frequency (f) of rotation. If the rotational motion of interest is that of a car engine, the object in rotational motion is the crankshaft. Do ...
1. Find the sine of the angle between the force and the rotational arm. For instance, if the force acts at an angle of 60 degrees: sin (60) = 0.866. 2. Multiply ...
1. Find the sine of the angle between the force and the torque arm. If you apply a force, for instance, at an angle of 70 degrees: sin (70) = 0.94. 2. Multiply ...
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