How to Calculate Turning Radius?


To calculate turning radius you use the equation CCR (feet) = WB (inches) times CF/OWC (degrees). CCR stands for curb-to-curb turning radius. WB is the wheelbase distance from the front to the back wheels. The CF is the conversion factor which is provided by the manufacturer and the OWC is the outside wheel cut.
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1. Find a flat parking lot with plenty of open space, and park with your passenger-side door near the edge of the lot. Count on needing 50 feet or so of open space to the left. 2.
You find the diameter and divide it by two.
1 Understand the basic components of a circle. The length of a circle's radius is usually derived from some other known value relating to the circle, like the circle's diameter, circumference
Ccalculate the turn radius of an aircraft: Radius = TAS^2 /
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How to Calculate Turning Radius
"Turning radius" is one of those terms that has kind of taken on a life of its own, mostly through public misunderstanding. Technically, a "radius" is half the diameter of a whole circle; interesting information in terms of comparing how well two cars... More »
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