Calculate Volume in Litres?


To calculate the volume in litres, you need to measure the depth, height and length of the water column (in cm). Multiply the values together to get the volume in cubic centimetres, then divide this figure by 1000 to get the volume in litres.
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measure the height and dia of cyl. in cm. then calculate the area by PiXDXD/4. Volume =areaXheight in cubic cm. 1 lt =1000 cubic cm. Using this determine the volume in Lts.
No way of knowing without the depth of the tank and the area in Feet Squared. (Not 366 foot)
1. Divide the number of cubic inches by 61 cubic inches per liter to find the number of liters. For example, if you had 122 cubic inches, you would divide 122 cubic inches by 61 cubic
1. Measure the width and length of your pool. You may need a friend to hold one end of the measuring tape. If your pool is very long or wide, you may need to reposition the tape several
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How to Calculate the Volume in Litres
An object's volume is measured using the three measurements of width, length and height. The standard unit of measurement for volume is the ounce, and there are 128 ounces in a gallon. The unit volume of measurement in the metric system is the liter, and... More »
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To calculate the volume or dimensions of a rectangular/square room, you need to multiply its height by its length and its width. For rooms that are not rectangular ...
To Calculate Volume of a Round Tank you measure the shortest distance from the edge of one end of the tank to the other, multiply the thickness of the tank's wall ...
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