How can you calculate water flow rates?


To calculate water flow, place an empty container below the funnel. Open the valve using the stopwatch, time the water flow for 15 seconds. Measure the number of litres in the container, and divide the number by 15 to give the flow rate in litres per second .The formula is F = V/T.
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1. Measure the difference in height between the surface of the water and the opening through which the water flows. Record the height and convert the measurement to meters. Divide
Flow Rate Q= VA or V=Q/A. where q=flow rate, V= velocity, A=area.
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you take your unit of measurement ( usually volume ) and divide it by seconds. ML/S.
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The rate of water flow is the volume of water which passes through a given surface per unit time. Given an area A, and a water flowing through it with uniform velocity C then rate of flow is given by QC.
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