How to Calculate Weighted Percentages?


To calculate weighted percentages: Determine the weighting of each category. For instance, a lecturer may weigh exams at 50 percent, exercises at 35 percent and assignments at 15 percent. Compute the standard of each category by dividing the number of points obtained out of the total points workable. Multiply each classification's average by the weight given to that category. To find the total weighted percentage, add the percentages for each category derived from the weighting.
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1. Determine the weighting of each category. For example, a teacher may weigh exams at 45 percent, quizzes at 30 percent and homework at 25 percent. 2. Calculate the average of each
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How to Calculate Weighted Percentages
A weighted average reflects the fact that in a particular set of values the values have differing levels of importance. Teachers often use weighted averages to reflect the importance of various types of student work when computing final grades. For... More »
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