How do you calculate your work hours?


To calculate your work hours, compute the number of hours you work every week counting overtime and then average these hours over a set period. Usually, average working hours are worked out over a 'reference period', which is normally a seventeen week period. You can work more than forty eight hours in one week, provided that the average over seventeen weeks is less than forty eight hours per week.
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1. Keep a log of your work hours. Pocket-sized spiral notebooks are ideal for this. Every day at work, record your arrival or start time and your departure time or end of the workday
40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year equals 2080 hours.
1 Quantify all of the expenses and time associated with your job. Think of all the things you do and the money you spend that you wouldn’t if you did not work. What is the difference
Labor costs include wages paid to workers for doing a certain amount or hours of work. Often you may need to make a choice between contractors when one company explicitly quotes an
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