How to Call a Number without It Showing up on Your Phone Bill Statement?


There is really no way to not have a number shown up on your statement, unless you use someone elses phone. Cell phones have tracking systems that will record calls in and out. It is their way of tracking how much you owe.
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1. Go to the call log on your celluar phone and highlight the call entry that you would like to erase. 2. Press the menu key on your phone while the call you want to delete is highlighted
Block id, call your cell provider they have a code you can dial before you make the call or your cell phone should have a blocked id feature. :)
The best way would be to use a pay phone or buy a long distance card and use a friends phone, though there is no way to avoid it.
EVERYTHING you do on the phone show up on your bill. It's to protect you and the cell phone company. You could swear that you never made a call or text and dispute the charge or usage
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In my personal experience it is possible to make a call on your cell phone without your number showing up on the receivers caller ID. There are ways that you can ...
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