How to Cancel Call Forwarding?


Depending on your service provider, you can usually cancel call forwarding the same way you enabled it. It's usually enabled or disabled by dialing *73 or 73#.
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How to Cancel Call Forwarding
You're going to visit your parents, but their home is out of cellphone range and you are waiting for an important call. Call forwarding allows you to divert your incoming phone calls to another phone number. You can also use it to send your phone calls... More »
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1. Press "73" from the cell phone's main screen. The same code is used for residential phones. 2. Press "Send. 3. Wait to hear the confirmation beep and message to
Call forwarding is usually set up by entering a code on your phone. This is usually * followed by 72, but it can vary depending on what phone carrier you have. After the code is entered
Depending on the carrier or provider, call forwarding may be activated by pressing *72 and deactivate by *73. Else, you need to contact your service provider to aid you on this feature
1. Visit a post office location or log on to the United States Postal Service's moving website, at, for direct cancellation access. You can
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You can call forward your phone calls by pressing *72 and then the phone number you want your calls forwarded to. You will need to press *73 to cancel the forward ...
You can forward calls either by directly programming your handset, using star codes, or online by logging in to Webcare. To activate call forwarding on all incoming ...
The method to forward phone calls on a cell phone will vary depending on the carrier. If you are using a regular land line telephone, in most cases you can dial ...
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