How do you cancel an AOL account?


To cancel an AOL account online, you can email or even call their Member Services Representatives at 1-800-827-6364 or 1-888-265-8008. Tell them simply that you want to end the contract without going into further details.
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1. Go to the AOL My Account Web page at and log in with your username and password. 2. Enter the answer to your AOL account's security question and click the
Members can cancel over the phone, by mail, or by fax. Phone: 1-877-773-4462 2nd Phone: 1-888-265-8008 3rd Phone: 1-800-827-6364 Address: America Online PO BOX 17100 Jacksonville,
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1. Call the credit card provider directly to ask about the status of your application. If it hasn't been processed yet, request that your application be canceled. 2. Ask to cancel
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