How do I care for Celosia caracas?


Celosia caracas, or plumed cockscomb, need to be well watered, but also needs soil that drains well. They should have sunlight as much as possible, but at least for 6 hours a day. If they grow tall, they may need to be staked, and they should be protected from winds.
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1. Plant celosias in a site with full sun and nutrient-rich soil once the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Place small celosias 18 inches apart and larger ones 18 to
With high humidity, you shouldn't have to water it every day. I'm thinking the plant needs to be repotted in something larger. You may actually have a higher root to soil ratio than
Celosia are noted for their brilliant "rooster comb" plumes. Celosia makes a very showy, unusual display in borders and as edging. While the brilliant reds are by far the
Cockscomb Celosia is an annual plant that is native to the tropics. This is a great plant for adding both color and texture to your garden from mid summer until the first frost!
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