How to Care for Chinese Maple Trees?


There are some things you need to know in order to care for Chinese maple trees. First of all, plant it in a spot with a lot of room.
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1. Select an area that is large enough to accommodate your tree as Chinese Maples can grow to be 30 or 40 feet tall. According to the website, this tree does
1. Identify the size and shape of the tree. Fully mature Red Maple trees can reach heights between 60 and 90 feet. The crown, or branches shooting off from the trunk, is often characterized
1. Examine the shape of the leaf in between the points. Sugar maples have typical maple leaves with three to five lobes, each with smaller points, like the leaf on the Canadian flag
1. Collect maple seeds in the fall when they drop from the tree. Get a good big handful to increase the chance of getting a few that will germinate. Strip off the wings and drop the
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How to Care for Chinese Maple Trees
Chinese Maple trees are a beautiful addition to any landscaping. They are often confused with the Japanese maple so make sure you know what you are purchasing when you select your tree. The scientific name is Acer discolor and this will prevent any... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
Chinese maple trees are rare and requires ample space for its growth. To care for Chinese maple trees properly, give it water, light and fertilizer. Pruning is also important during the dormant winter period. You can find more information at www. gardenguides. com/97269-care-chinese-maple-trees. html
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