How to Care for Ginger Plants?


How to Care for Ginger Plants? Ginger plants enjoy partial sun and partial shade. Select an area that has both and not too much of one or the other. It prefers rich soil so think about added organic matter to the soil to help enrich it. Avoid over watering your ginger plant and be sure to plant outdoors only when the danger of frost has been removed.
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1. Plant in full-sun (over six hours per day) in moist soil with good drainage. 2. Fertilize each week with a liquid fertilizer, or once in the Spring with a slow-release fertilizer
1 Purchase fresh ginger root from a grocery store or market. Ad 2 Soak your ginger overnight in warm water. 3 Prepare a 14 inch (35.6 cm) wide and 12 inch (30.5 cm) deep pot with
You should place it in a warm window, where it will get a lot of su...
1. Water longan trees once a week to a depth of 3 inches for their first 2 years of growth. Increase the water to 3 inches twice a week once they begin bearing fruit. Irrigate the
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