How do I care for hydrangea plants?


Caring for a hydrangea is a pretty simple gardening chore. You can pretty much let them grow during the season, keeping them watered during dry periods. Light fertilization in spring will help with flower production. You usually don't have to prune a hydrangea until spring. At that time, only prune back the wood that is not regenerating growth. For more information look here:;
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1. Test the soil where you plan to plant your hydrangea. Hydrangeas prefer a slightly acidic soil with pH levels between 4.5 and 6.5. Select an area of your yard or garden that receives
1 Check your species' hardiness zone. One of the most popular hydrangea species, Hydrangea macrophylla , does best in hardiness zones 6–9, with minimum winter temperatures of
I don't think I would repot them. They need to be in the ground. Hydrangeas can get quite large. Look up Walter Reeves in Georgia. He has a an internet site that will tell you exactly
1. Place your zigzag plant in the brightest spot out of direct sun in your home. It will tolerate medium lighting conditions, but grows better and displays brighter color in higher
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How do I Care for Hydrangea Plants?
With big, glossy leaves and large pom-pom shaped flower clusters, hydrangea shrubs add color and shape to the garden. Though tolerant of rocky, poor soil, hydrangeas flourish in rich, deep loamy soil. To protect the large leaves, plant hydrangeas out of... More »
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