How do I care for hydrangea plants?


Caring for a hydrangea is a pretty simple gardening chore. You can pretty much let them grow during the season, keeping them watered during dry periods. Light fertilization in spring will help with flower production. You usually don't have to prune a hydrangea until spring. At that time, only prune back the wood that is not regenerating growth. For more information look here:;
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1. Water hydrangeas regularly; the soil should stay constantly moist with adequate drainage. Fertilizer should be rich with nutrients to feed this particular plant. Don't feed them
1. Wait for the proper time of year. The temperature should not be too extreme. Hydrangeas do not do well when planting in hot temperatures or frost. Hydrangeas thrive best if planted
I don't think I would repot them. They need to be in the ground. Hydrangeas can get quite large. Look up Walter Reeves in Georgia. He has a an internet site that will tell you exactly
Kalanchoe plants practically take care of themselves. These hardy plants are beautiful indoors and can store water moisture for long periods of time. If your green thumb has yet to
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How do I Care for Hydrangea Plants?
With big, glossy leaves and large pom-pom shaped flower clusters, hydrangea shrubs add color and shape to the garden. Though tolerant of rocky, poor soil, hydrangeas flourish in rich, deep loamy soil. To protect the large leaves, plant hydrangeas out of... More »
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A hydrangea care guide must contain information on planting, watering, and adjusting the soil to change the flower's colors. To take the best care of hydrangeas, ...
Your hydrangea may be dying if it is not receiving proper care. Hydrangea plants must have well-draining soil, and will not tolerate standing water. They need ...
Plant endless summer hydrangea during late spring in a location that receives at least six hours of bright sunlight each day and has well-drained, rich soil. Space ...
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