How to Care for Modal Fabric?


Modal, or rayon, fabric should be hand washed or dry cleaned. If hand washing, use cool to warm water and gentle suds. Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, but make sure not to wring or twist the fabric. Once thoroughly cleaned, rinse all suds from the fabric and place on a hanger to let dry. The fabric can be pressed (inside out) on medium heat, and bleached (be careful of choline bleach, it may make the fabric bleed).
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1. Wash Modal on gentle cycle using warm water and cool rinse. Use the amount of detergent necessary for your laundry load size and machine. While rayon shrinks and becomes misshapen
1. Treat stains promptly. Fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones. If the stain is on a no washable fabric, take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible, and describe the
Scrape off the excess chocolate from the affected area. than use stain remover. or you can make your own with warm water and detergent. Always wash in cold water.
I would say bring it to a dry cleaner and see what they can do? I have a bunch of pleated dresses / skirts. I. love. them. They haven't started disappearing though. They're usually
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How to Care for Modal Fabric
Made from tree cellulose, Modal is a popular trade name for a specific type of rayon. The scientific name for modal is "high-wet modulus," and its reputation for durability, luster and comfort has led many designers to use Modal in mass-produced... More »
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To care for Modal fabric, also known as rayon, dry clean or hand wash it. Although sunlight will not damage Modal fabric, keep it away from mildew, silverfish, and acids. You can find more info at:
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In the first instance you should check the care label on modal fabric items to see the care and maintenance instructions. If this is not available, then wash with ...
Modal is a type of rayon, or wood pulp-based textile material, made only from beech trees. Though modal and other types of rayon begin as plants, they are so heavily ...
Modal fabric is a type of rayon that is often from beech trees. It is used alone or with other fabrics to make towels, robes and sheets. It is resistant to shrinkage ...
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