How to Castrate a Horse?


Castration should be considered if a male stallion is kept for riding purposes as opposed to breeding, or you may be dealing with boarding and behavioral problems.
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How to Castrate a Horse
Most horses, regardless of their age, are maintained by their owners for the sole purpose of riding. If you have a male stallion that you want to ride rather than breed, you might want to seriously consider castrating the horse. Otherwise, you'll be... More »
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A castrated horse, or a male horse that has had the testicles removed, is called a "gelding". Geldings are usually much more even tempered and easy to get along with than
Answer A castrated horse is usually referred to as a gelding. An incorrectly castrated horse, one that retains some testicular tissue that produces testosterone, is called a ridgeling
A castrated horse is called a gelding.
What a terrific question! I'm always happy talking about horse castration... Basically it's when you get really bored of having spaghetti for dinner every night, so you remove a horse's
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A castrated male horse is what is known as a gelding regardless of age while an improperly castrated horse, that is, one retaining some testicular tissue is known ...
A castrated horse is referred to as a Gelding. The term gelding may also be used to refer to other castrated equines like donkeys or mules. This process is done ...
Horse castration can be a difficult process and it is best to consult with a equine Veterinarian on how best to do this. ...
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