How to Castrate a Man?


The process to castrate a man or make him a enuch is a very painful and messy procedure. You castrate a man by removing his testicles causing a testosterone drop.
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1. Time the castration so that you are performing this process while the hog is still very young. The best time to do this is when the piglet is about one to two weeks old. If it
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1. Choose the best castrating method to use. The most important thing before you start castrating your cattle is to find out and think about what method you should use and/or are
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You castrate a human male much the same way that bulls and pigs are castrated. The only difference is that normally a man does not have his testes removed during the process. A small cut is made in the scrotum so that the vas deferens can be divided. This will stop sperm from leaving the testicles.
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The result of human castration is a man without functioning testicles or a woman without functioning ovaries. Castration can be surgical, chemical, or otherwise. ...
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