How to Castrate a Man?


The process to castrate a man or make him a enuch is a very painful and messy procedure. You castrate a man by removing his testicles causing a testosterone drop.
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A eunuch.
The term for a castrated man is a eunuch. Thanks for asking.
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what causes that is the lack of testosterone given that the biggest producer of the hormone is located in the testicles and yes that is a technique used in the 16th and 17th so singers
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You castrate a human male much the same way that bulls and pigs are castrated. The only difference is that normally a man does not have his testes removed during the process. A small cut is made in the scrotum so that the vas deferens can be divided. This will stop sperm from leaving the testicles.
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The result of human castration is a man without functioning testicles or a woman without functioning ovaries. Castration can be surgical, chemical, or otherwise. ...
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