How to Catch a Peeping Tom?


To catch a peeping tom you want to make sure you have the evidence you need so get rid of him once and for all. Set up a web cam in the location you think your peeper is doing their peeking from, this way you have it recorded. Second thing you want to do is just before night fall, put either a lot of water at the window area or pour some freshly made cement into a wood frame and lay it down. When your peeping tom steps to your window they will leave a footprint behind as evidence.
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If you fear that a peeping tom is targeting you, the best thing to do is call the police. You should also consider getting electronic monitoring equipment, like outdoor video cameras.
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The first thing to do is call the Police and talk to them. Also neighborhood watch. Document all that has happened with times and specific details that you noticed at that time. While
1. Cover your windows with heavy curtains. This is the best, most effective way to deter a peeping tom from preying on you. Remember to close the curtains at night and every time
Place soft dirt around the window you suspect the peeping tom to be using. If you see
the best treatment for a prepping Tom is to essentially give him a taste if his own medicine. once you've caught him, try to intimate him, scare him a little bit. Now comes the important
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A peeping tom is someone who secretly watches others, without being seen. They can hide in closets, under beds or look through a window. They usually watch others ...
Peeping Tom is a person who, in the legend of Lady Godiva, observed her during her ride and was struck blind or dead. Peeping Tom can also refer to an individual ...
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