How to Catch a Thief?


The best way to catch a thief is in the act. You could set up a video tape of the area being burglarized to get the thief on tape. This would also provide evidence during the trial.
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1. Contact Netflix to report that you think someone has been stealing your DVDs. This will prevent Netflix from suspending or holding your account for reporting too many lost DVDs
Setup surveillance cameras (even dummy cams) to deter thieves, video footage is proof of the.
try to find it in the tour grounds at night on Counterfeit Island
Well, you need to wait until about 0100 - 0200 hours, when everyone is asleep. Sneak into someones room (does not matter who at this point, just someone who it COULD be). Hit them
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How to Catch a Thief
Unfortunately, we live in a society where we need to be on the constant lookout for people who want to steal from us. You may have been previously robbed at either your home or business and are looking to catch the person in the act again. You can use... More »
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The best way to catch a thief is to purchase a security system and a video recorder so that the person is caught on tape when stealing. A thief will do time in prison if caught.
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