How do you catch an alligator?


I have friends in Louisiana that catch alligator with chicken meat. Put half of a raw chicken on a really big shark-type hook and drop it into the water. The alligators should smell it immediately and come to feast.
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1. Before beginning, check with your state's Department of Wildlife for local regulations in regards trapping wildlife. In some cases, you will need a permit and/or a hunting license
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When alligators find potential mates, they will end their courtship by rubbing each others snouts and backs and then mating. Also the female will then go to her nest which is usually
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To catch an alligator, tie a large hook onto a rope. The hook should be at least a 4-6' one. Put a piece of raw chicken on the hook and chunk it into the water. Tie the rope to the boat so your hands don't get rope burn when the alligator tries to swim off with the bait.
You will a permit or license to hunt an alligator. Once you have the necessary license in hand you would need to choose between using a bait and hook method or using a wire box trap.
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