How to Catch Big Bream?


To catch big bream, make sure you fish on the deeper side of spawning areas as the biggest bream will spawn in the deeper end of any lake. Use crickets or large prawns as bait for large breams.
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1 Get a good rod. Don't cheap out and buy those crummy rods featuring kid's characters, they will break and tangle really fast. Ad 2 Get some plastics. Grubs work best 3 Find a place
NO YOU PFAFF! you dont have a clue how to catch a bream! you are an idiot. Go down to the swan river and steal some bait off those asain buggers who keep the undersize bream! they
You can catch large bass by using artificial or live bait. When using artificial bait, try a scented worm. For live bait, a minnow that it very lively will work well. Try dark, shaded
1. If you know the areas where they usually bite, that is great. But you should also ask, if not your pond, if the owner of the pond knows where there are brush piles or places that
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When you're trying to catch bream you need to find an area that the fish are in. To figure out if you're in the right area drop a few crickets on top of the water ...
In order to catch sea bream you have to use a graphite spinning rod. Crickets and worms are good to use as a bait. Please follow this link for more information ...
1. Get yourself a bream outfit. Head into your local tackle store and they'll fix you up. 2. Get some plastics. Ask the guys at the tackle shop. 3. Find a place ...
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