How to Catch Bluefish?


One can read books and watch videos to learn how to catch bluefish. These fish live in saltwater. They tend to live in areas along the Carolina coast region.
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How to Catch a Bluefish
Bluefish are a popular game fish that can be caught a number of ways. It is one of the world's premiere saltwater light tackle fish. When hooked, it often leaps out of the water, and then it bears down and runs, turning its powerful body against you. A... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
The best way to catch bluefish is by trolling with various lures like jigs and umbrella rigs. Fresh chum is the best bait to attract the bluefish.
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1. Find a fishing location where bluefish are likely to be feeding, such as a jetty close to the shore. Commercial or private fishing piers make fine venues for catching bluefish,
Bluefish are hyper aggressive and will feed on any smaller fish. To catch them from the surf, it's best to cut bait, bunker, mackerel, herring, even shad. Also you could use spearing
The Bluefish is the same fish as the Australian "Tailor" These fish are not fussy and I love catching them with poppers. The best popper in the world for long casting (you
When you are fishing for bluefish the most important thing is that
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Bluefish is also known as snapper and is a popular fish to make at home or to order in restaurants. It is also a popular fish to catch when fishing. Before bluefish ...
The best time to catch Bluefish in the state of New Jersey is around fall because big ones are caught during this time. They usually arrive at the end of Spring ...
1. Use the right tackle. There are three basic fishing tackle: a light spinning rod (8 lb. line with 6 to 8 foot rod) that's good for catching jacks, bluefish, ...
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