How to Catch Night Crawlers?


It's easiest to catch night crawlers after a nice rain so the ground is soft. Grab a flashlight and get a container ready to put them in. I hope you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty.
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It is best to catch night crawlers after a good rain. You have to be very quiet and walk softly to catch them. Shine your light to where they are and reach out and grab them as fast as you can. If they hear you coming they will hide.
Either wait for it to rain or turn on your sprinklers and run them until dusk. The night crawlers should be out, so just carefully pick them up and place them in a container with bedding. Happy fishing!
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1 Go out after dark and after at least a few hours of steady rain or a full day of drizzle. 2 Go to a grassy sports field, town common or lawn . Be sure to select one that is vacant
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Get a bucet and a hose and put cholride tablets in the bucket and drill 12 holes
Used to do this in the past, it works. Watering the lawn works but after washing my car (and dumping out the water) I found that a little soap in the water helps get them worms on
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