How to Catch Pompano?


To catch a Pompano fish you will need to to use a hook with 2-3 hooks and a weight on the bottom. The best bait to use is live shrimp or clams, and live sand fleas. Check out this site on how to catch Pompano.
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How to Catch Pompano
The pompano fish is a popular targets of surf fishermen. They produce mild, white, flaky fillets that a cook can make in many ways. The surf is always the most popular and most productive place to fish for pompano, but some people do have luck in rivers.... More »
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In order to catch Pompano, you need to really cast your line out as far as possible, as they tend to stay further offshore than other fish. Sand fleas seem to be the best bait to use, but clam strips and small live shrimp work well also. Have patience, as Pompano tend to stalk their prey before they actually strike. When you feel a hit, set the hook right away, then wait a few seconds to see if you get another before pulling in, as Pompano travel in schools, so with multiple baited hooks, you may get lucky enough to pull in more than one per cast.
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1. Attach the pompano rig to the fishing line coming off of the fishing reel. Pompano rigs consist of two or three hooks with a clip at the bottom of the rig. 2. Attach a pyramid
1. Find pompano schools on the far side of wave breaks and sand bars. The fish wait for sand fleas, also called mole crabs, and other small crustaceans to be washed off the beach
The sand flea is the most popular bait for pompano fishing. They attract
Fishing for Pompano in the Florida surf is lots of fun. Pompano are a dish shaped tasty little fish found on both coasts of Florida. These fish are highly sought after by fishermen
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