How to Cauterize Using Silver Nitrate Stick?


To cauterize using silver nitrate stick, you will require silver nitrate stick (applicator stick) made up of 75% silver nitrate and the remaining percentage (25%) being for potassium nitrate. As the silver nitrate and water in the blood come into contact, the silver nitrate solubilizes forming nitric acid which brings about the burn (cautery) effect.
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Silver nitrate is an effective anti-biotic and is frequently used in surgical dressing.
As the silver nitrate contacts with water (in the blood) the
Before beginning treatment, read the manufacturer's printed information leaflet. Use this preparation exactly as directed by your doctor. Rub the wart or verruca gently with an emery
Silver Nitrate "Burns" the top layer of the tissue. Scrub on in in a day or two, it will flake off. I know this because I got a fellow co worker back for six years of practacle
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Doctors recommend that you do not disturb the cauterized area of the nose for about a week after silver nitrate cauterization. The degree and area of cauterization ...
The way to apply silver nitrate sticks is to dab it directly onto granulated tissue for about 10 seconds. Many doctors and health care workers prefer to do this ...
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