How to Change a 2 Prong Outlet to a 3 Prong Outlet?


In order to change the outlet over to a three prong outlet you will need to buy a 2 prong to 3 prong adapter. Then connect a ground cable from the adapter to ground. It can be difficult so be careful and I advise hiring an electrician.
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1. Turn off the power to the two-prong outlets you plan to replace. 2. Remove the outlet's cover plate and unscrew the two screws that secure the outlet to the box. 3. Carefully pull
Simply put, it is any electrical outlet the has three holes that the female end plugs into. What this is referred to most of the time (but not always) is a regular 110V outlet. Older
The difference between 2 and 3 prong plugs
Gene, You should be fine just check to make sure these boxes are grounded. To do that Pull out any receptacle and look inside the box. If the cable(s) are BX (metal outer cover) with
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