How to Change a Dissimilar Fraction into a Similar Fraction Using the Ladder Method?


To change a dissimilar fraction into a similar fraction using the ladder method takes a couple steps. According to my calculations, first you want to find the lowest common multiple of the denominator of both fractions. For example we use 1/10 and 2/25, you would find the lowest common multiple of 10 and 25. If you use 5 and divide into both of them you get 2 and 5. Those are now only divisible by one so the outside of your ladder would have 5x1x2x5 which equals 50. Now whatever you do to the bottom of your fraction has to also be done at the top. For this example you had to multiply 10 by 5 on the bottom to get 50 so you'll need to multiply the one on top by 5 as well. You'll also need to multiply the 25 by 2 and so you multiply the top by 2 as well. The result is to have the two similar fractions 5/50 and 4/50.
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Finding the lowest common denominator.
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