What is the way to change a Fossil watch battery?


According to a local watch repair shop to change the battery in a fossil watch the user will need to locate the slots on the back of the watch and pry off the cover. Remove the nylon shield and depress the battery spring until the battery is released. After replacing the battery simply replace the shield and cover.
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1. Locate the slots on the back plate of the watch. 2. Insert the corner of the screwdriver into one slot and use it to spin the plate counterclockwise. 3. Remove the nylon cover
Fossil watches are harder than most to replace the battery on as the battery compartment is sealed and pressurized. In order to change the battery one must remove the back plate from
First you need to determine if the watch is a snap back type or a screw back. If the watch back has a series of equally spaced slots (usually about 6) around it's perimeter, then
1. Turn the watch over (see. Things You'll Need. Place a soft pad under the crystal of the watch. A towel or dish cloth will work to prevent scratching the crystal of the watch. Ad.
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How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery
Fossil watches are largely reliable timepieces. Unfortunately, the batteries in them are harder to replace than in most watches because they are pressurized and sealed. This article will tell you just what needs to be done so that you're on time for that... More »
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If you need to change the battery in a Fossil watch, you will need to know how to take the back off. Looking at the back of the watch, look for two notches that ...
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