How to Change a Head Gasket on a Fiat Punto?


Changing the head gasket on a Fiat Punto is similar to changing the head gasket on many other cars. You must first turn off the engine and be sure that it has completely cooled. You then locate the gasket, remove any parts in your way and then remove the gasket.
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Answer Just had a quote to have a new cylinder head gasket fitted to my 1.2 8 v (2001) Fiat Punto. This includes head skimming and new bolts etc. 400 was the painful figure. The car
you will start by taking the postive battery off and start taking everything off the top of the engine making sure to mark all wires so you know were they go back onto. and then get
1. Drive the car up on your ramps to access the underside, then kick chocks in behind the rear wheels for safety. Remove the 10 mm bolts and screws that secure the engine shield to
head gasket for a fiat punto is cost between £300-£350 depending on the level of work needed.Fiat Punto 1.4 (1996) Hatchback FWD head gasket is £20.71 per item
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The heads take a 19mm socket. ...
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