How to Change a Name on a Birth Certificate in Utah.?


1. Ensure that you have been living in your current Utah county for at least one year and that you are 18 years of age or older. 2. Obtain a copy of the form, "Department of Corrections Certification Regarding Sex Offender Registry" (See Resources)
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How to Change a Name on a Birth Certificate in Utah
The Utah Department of Vital Records provides birth certificates that bear the name an individual is given when he was born. Once the certificate has been issued, if you desire to amend the certified name, you must follow the protocol that has been... More »
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The number for Utah Department of Health at 288 North
If you have or are going to have a sex change operation, you can change the sex or gender listed on your birth certificate to the sex or gender to which you have changed.
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Changing a name on a birth certificate can be completed by the Department of Vital Records in the state in which the birth certificate was issued. Visit the website ...
The only situation in which a person can change the surname on their birth certificate is in the event of a legal name change. If your last name has been legally ...
1. Assess why you need to amend birth certificate. This can include clerical errors and transposition errors, changes to paternity or changes of legal name. 2. ...
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