How to Change Bipap Settings?


BIPAP refers to bilevel positive airway pressure and it helps in keeping the lungs' upper airways open. You can change the BIPAP settings by reducing or adding the heat setting, pressing right or left button to go to the flex screen and then changing the rise time to go to the ramp screen. You will then press the heat button to add the amount and press ramp button to reduce the number and after this you will go to the ramp pressure screen by pressing right or left user button.
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1. Increase or decrease the heat setting on the BiPAP machine to adjust the humidifier. Ensure that the machine is plugged into a power supply, but neither in the on or off position
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To change Bipap settings, enlarge or reduce the heat setting on the Bipap machine to alter the humidifier, squeeze the left or right user knob to steer to the flex screen and change the rise time by pressing the left or right user button to scroll to the ramp screen Press the heat button to increase the number and the ramp button to decrease the number, and finally navigate to the ramp pressure screen by pressing the left or right user button.
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