How is the time changed on a digital watch?


How one changes the time on a digital watch can vary depending on the type and brand of watch. Usually, there are two small buttons on the side of the watch that can be pushed in with a pen. These buttons are for the hour and the minutes. You can push the buttons in continuously until the right time appears. You can also push the buttons in and hold them in place while the time changes. Make sure to press the hour button first and then the minute button. Other watches will have four buttons, as other buttons may control seconds and stopwatch features.
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1. Examine your watch. Attempt to find its "Mode" button; nearly every digital watch has one. The various modes might include "Date, "Alarm" and "Stopwatch
you would have to hold the st/stp, mode and then the adj button altogether at the same time to to hear it beep then it will change back to regular time.
1. Look at the back of your watch to determine the type of watch case you have. There are three main types: snap-on backs, screw-on backs and those that require a special wrench to
1. Look at the back of your watch. If there are several small slots on the case back, the watch is a screw-back case watch. If the case back is smooth with only an indent on the side
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How to Change the Time on Digital Watches
Digital watches offer less-expensive alternatives to business-class watches such as Rolexes and Movados, and because of improvements in quality, there's no longer a stigma attached to wearing a digital watch. Digital watches keep accurate time and have... More »
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