How to Change Digital Watch Time?


How one changes the time on a digital watch can vary depending on the type and brand of watch. Usually, there are two small buttons on the side of the watch that can be pushed in with a pen. These buttons are for the hour and the minutes. You can push the buttons in continuously until the right time appears. You can also push the buttons in and hold them in place while the time changes. Make sure to press the hour button first and then the minute button. Other watches will have four buttons, as other buttons may control seconds and stopwatch features.
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1. Examine your watch. Attempt to find its "Mode" button; nearly every digital watch has one. The various modes might include "Date, "Alarm" and "Stopwatch
To set a digital watch, you simply need to press the buttons for the minute and hour digits. Also, there may be a readout for a.m. or p.m. so be sure get it right!
Look on your watch for a button labeled "mode. Press it several times and
I have an Armitron All-Sport digital watch 45/6963 watch with three buttons. Okay, so there are three buttons. One is. Mode. (Bottom left) one is. Reset. (Bottom Right) and one is
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Take a look at your watch. While models and brands vary, you'll find a few things in common on almost all of them. First, they'll have different modes of operation ...
To set the time on a digital watch is very easy. All you have to do is press down and hold adjust and then the time digits will flash. Then, press down start/ ...
To change the time on your watch, locate the winding pin on the side. Pull the pin outward to stop the watch's action. Turn the pin until the hour and minute hand ...
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