How to Change Ford Focus Temperature Display to Celsius.?


1. Scroll through the digital display used to display trip distance, until it displays the outdoor air temperature. 2. Locate the stalk next to the digital display. This is the stalk used to reset the trip distance to zero. 3. Press the stalk inward
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How to Change Ford Focus Temperature Display to Celsius
The instructions in the Ford Focus manuals are a little cryptic in explaining how to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit for the outdoor temperature display. Not all Ford Focuses display outdoor temperature, but if yours does, you can change the units... More »
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You can not. you have to change the whole cluster.
Try pressing the small button on the odometer several times
I have 2 fully loaded 2009 Ford Focus "SES" autos and there is no outside temp display in that model sorry! Source(s) Owner of 2 2009 Ford Focus autos.
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