How to Change State Laws?


If you want to force change in your state by way of changing state laws, then you should start a petition. You should clearly state what you want changed, why it is important, who is affects, and how to change it. Then, send a petition out to various cities and counties. Contact your state senators and governors, expressing your intentions and the results of the petition. Go to the state capitol with your petition and plan, then they will consider and vote on your proposal. Good luck changing your state law!
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1. Find out who to speak to about the law you want to change. You'll need to know if the law was passed at the municipal, state or federal level. Your town or city council office
Technically when you order anything online you are suposed to pay the appropiate sales and use tax for your state. So for cigars, you would be required to pay your state sales tax
the of conservation of energy states that energy neither is created or destroyed. it changes states. the of conservation of mass states that mass neither is created or destroyed it
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To get a state law passed you first must get a state legislator to introduce it as a bill to the assembly or senate. Then you need to lobby the committee to recommend ...
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