How to Charge a Dead Cell Phone Battery?


If a cell phone battery is completely dead and will not charge by simply plugging it into the charger and plugging the charger into a wall or USB port, then it is sometimes possible to jump start the battery. You first need to remove the battery from the back of the phone. You can then rub the battery along a shirt or similar piece of material to try and generate static electricity. This static can send an electrical signal to the battery and help it start. You can then replace the battery in the phone and charge like normal.
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1. Make sure you have all of the accessories. Some phones need special adaptors for charging. If you're having problems fitting the charger into your cigarette lighter socket, check
The best way to charge a cell phone battery when it is completely
Life of cell phone battery can be increased using simple ways. Turn off the cell phone when not in use. Turn of Vibrator in cell phone as it consumes more power.
Use the plug that came with the cell phone, plug it in both ends and wait around 5 hours then it will be full.
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