How to Charge Cell Phone with Household Items?


You can charge a cell phone with household items by connecting the cell phone to an outlet that utilizes a USB. This is most commonly done with a computer. You can also purchase an adapter which can plug into the wall.
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Some phones are able to charge with usb cables. If your phone has a usb cable you can plug it into your computer where the usb cable plugs in and it will charge your phone. This is a great way to charge your phone when you forget your charger. Even though this method is not appropriate for older versions of telephones it will work with newer phones.
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To charge your cell phone without your charger you will first need to make sure that you have your Cell and your Battery, a pair of pliers, a USB cord, and a Kife. You first want
My first tip is that you should never charge overnight. An 8 hour charge does nothing good for your battery. Charges should be short and sweet, and no more than the device needs.
1 Find a charger that fits your cell phone. They usually come with the phone. If you have lost yours, see if you have another one that works with your phone or go to the place you
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To charge a cell phone you will need a charger that is compatible with your phone. You can then plug it into either an outlet in house, or a car lighter socket. ...
1. Make sure you have all of the accessories. Some phones need special adaptors for charging. If you're having problems fitting the charger into your cigarette ...
A cell phone will have a higher sales volume than a computer on a daily basis. Most households have computers while nearly everyone has a cell phone. The family ...
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