How to charge iPod mini?


You use the Firewire cable that came with the mini to charge it. One end connects to the iPod and the other end connects to the power adapter. You then plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
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Charging an iPod mini is simple. Take the cord that you were given and plug it in the iPod. Plug the other end directly into your computer's USB port.
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1. Plug the iPod Firewire cable into the bottom of your iPod Mini. 2. Insert the other end of the iPod Firewire cable into the Firewire port on the power adapter. 3. Plug the power
Ipod shuffles do not use the same charger as all the rest of Apple's ipods. You must own or purchase a special ipod shuffle charger which looks like a small cradle with almost what
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1. Plug it in. This is the easy part. Using the adapter that came with your iPhone or iPod connect one end to a power source, and the other end to your device. But there's a rub:
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To charge an iPod mini you either need a USB cable or a wall charger. The easiest way to charge your iPod mini is to plug it into your computer with the USB. While ...
To charge the battery on an iPod Mini you will need to either plug it in to the USB charger provided or to the computer's USB port. This will charge it automatically ...
To charge your iPod Mini, you can use either a wall charger or Apple Deck Connector. The Apple Deck Connector will allow you to charge the iPod with a connection ...
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